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Welcome! To the fun and exciting world of Gemini. This game is a text based RPG(Role Playing Game) in which your character or your in game representation of yourself. Your character, depending on what you decide to do, can do anything from training to going shopping or even go as far as starting an epic journey. This site has a message board where most of the "action" happens. The game that you will be playing is a never ending one, with countless possibilities to unfold. Take the time is familiarize yourself with the rules, and if you have any questions, post it in the message boards, or IM one of our staff members.

Accessories - Throughout the game, you can buy or find accessories that you can equip to yourself. The effects of these things range from giving you extra stat points, or preventing status effects. Due to the nature of these items, you can only have so many of a certain type on at a time. The accessories break down in to several different catagories, and they are, Head, Body, Hands, Feet, Neck, Ring, Weapon, and Miscellanious.
Here is a list of how many of each item you can have equipped at one time and the abbrieviation for each accessory.
  • Head(H)1
  • Body(B)1
  • Hands(G)1 Pair
  • Feet(F)1 Pair
  • Neck(N)1
  • Ring(R)2
  • Weapon(W)3 **When equiped to your character it will look like this ((Deathpenalty:(W-Scope)(W-ExtClip)(W-Autoloader) ))
  • Misc.(Misc.)This is any item that cannot be catagorized under one of these designated accessory type. This number generally varies due to the nature of the wide range of items you can obtain. Please ask a staff member what can and cant be equipped.

    Clans - Clans are groups of people who work together to achieve a common goal, battle together, or just socialize. These people can be your best friends, or people you just met. To join a clan, make a post under the Clan category in the message boards. The clan leader will then respond to your post saying if you are accepted or not. You can also create your own clan. As before, make a new topic under the Clans category, and a staff member will have to approve it.

    Classes - When you first create your character, you will have a choice of what your character class will be. On the character class page, you can look at the different stats of each class, and if they have any special properties. For more information on character classes, click here, or click on the character classes link on the menu.

    Fighting - To have a fight with someone, you must post it under the message boards, and both players must consent to it. Also, both characters must be in the same city to fight. A judge will then ref the fight, making sure that everything that everything is fair (this is just a staff member). I will update the specifics of fighting in future updates.

    Joining To join this RPG, you will need to create an account on the message boards. Make your user name your character name, and then proceed to make an introduction post in the "Joining" board. Be sure to include:
  • Character Name -
  • Character Age -
  • Character Class -
  • Starting Place -
  • Bio -
  • AIM Screen Name -
    Also, if you want a picture to go along with your profile, then post the URL of it along. Please, don't make the pictures too big, or else we may not put it in your character page.

    Items - Throughout the game, you may come across items, or go into a shop to buy items, such as the infamous potion. To see what wares you can buy, click here.

    Level Up! - There are certain conditions in which you will level up. These are:
  • Completing four weekend training sessions.
  • Completing Special Training.
  • Having all stats over 100, 200, 300, etc. earns you an extra level.
  • Fighting with another person.

    Every time you level up, you will gain 40 HP and 40 stat points to distribute among your stats. To let the staff know where you want your points to go, do so under your Training Thread.

    Magic - If a person focuses on something hard enough, then it becomes possible to release energy from the body. If you don't have enough Magic points, then it may not be possible to use some magics. Also, in order to use any magic at first, you must learn a skill. For more information, visit here.

    Message Boards - This is where all the action will take place. This is where you will do your Roleplaying,make purchases, train, and fight other people. Also, there will be an OOC (Out Of Character) section where you will be able to talk about anything as well as a section to post vital information that you need staff to see.We are always looking to make this site better so we have included a section where you can voice your opinions or ideas of how we can improve or make our game more enjoyable. Please, respect all others on this website as we are trying to create a fun environment where everyone is an equal. Critazism is not recomended, but if you feel that you must, please do it in a constructive manor, as to not hurt anyone's feelings. On a similar note please keep swearing to a minimum and not directed toward any one player.
    We reserve the right to BAN any player who is being vulgar in anyway whether it be Rasism,Sexism, Bad language, or anything else that we as the staff deem inappropriate.

    Moves/Skills -

    Sparring - Sparring is an easy way to add your character's strength. It is essential a practice fight; your intention is not to kill each other. You can spar two times a week. This in no way counts toward leveling up, as it only raises your stats. Every time you spar, you gain 20 HP and 15 points to distribute among your stats. People do not have to be in the same area to spar, and there does not have to be a judge. In order for it to count, you have to post the AIM conversation of the fight under your Training Thread. Then, the other player must agree that his took place, and please state where you are putting your stats. For an example, click here.

    Special Events - Sometimes, the staff may set up monster fights. Anyone can participate in these, though make sure you read all the battle details, such as the monster level. We will only accept those with a legitimate chance of beating it. There will many specific limitations, such as a level cap, or the maximum amount of people allowed to fight.

    Stealing - Some character classes will be able to learn moves that allow them to steal items and credits from other people. To do this, you must make a post about the steal. The staff will then decide if it is good enough. Please note that you can only steal items that are able to be sold.
  • You will only be allowed to steal items once a month.
  • You will only be allowed to steal items that are not able to bought in stores twice.
  • If you get caught in the act, then you will be thrown in prison, and you will not be able to steal items again. (You will be caught stealing if we feel that you didn't role play well enough)

    Training - This is a way to keep your character in shape. Training is only done on the weekend's and can be done once per day. Each time you train you will receive 15 points to distribute amongst your stats as you see fit. As another positive effect, you will also receive 20 additional Health points(HP). After every four training sessions you will gain a level due to strenuous nature of the workouts. Please note that in order to gain your stat increases please post an O.O.C. (Out Of Character) message explaining where you would them to go.