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Welcome to the character classes section of this RPG. When you begin the process of creating your character, you will have the choice of choosing one of these classes. What you pick will determine your starting stats, how much you get paid each week, and what kind of skills you can learn. Also, these are just the tier one classes. The higher of a level you are the better of a class you can choose.

Fighter - A class that has a passion for all things about the melee fighting realm. The excel at using swords and axe, but arent unfamiliar with daggers and spears.
==Basic Fighter Stat Package==
  • HP:55
  • Magic:15
  • Str:14
  • Agi:12
  • Willpower:13
  • Intelligence:9
  • Accuarcy:12

    Martial Artist - A unique fighter type class, except they instead thrash people with their fists. Martial Artists are very agile and quick to strike. The only weapon that is available to them are their own fists and any gloves or claws that can enhance their ability to fight with their hands.

    Mage - The mages are a group of caster who have been imbued with the ability to control the elements to their will. They are usually grouped in numbers to prevent combat with more weapon based classes such as the Fighter or Fist Fighter, due to their ability to carry heavy armor and deal with them at a closer range. Mages are proficient with staves, wands, and daggers.

    Outlaw - Outlaws are the run of the mill gun shooters. They wield guns and gun-like weapons in combat, preferring to keep a distance from their opponents rather then stay close to deal with melee weapons. Outlaws are proficient with all gun based weapons.

    Thug - Thugs are just what you imagine they would be, common street scum. Usually seen in gangs or working for someone with a lot of money to pay them, thugs are just hired hands with street smarts. Thug's are proficient in using some martial art weapons, daggers/knives, and guns.

    Medic - The people who care for those wounded in battle, the medics must restore their strengths to full so they may fight on and continue their bouts. Medics are mostly a non-combat class, but have been known to use some firearms if targeted for attack. Medics are proficient with one-handed guns.

    Adventurer - Thats right folks, just as the name implies these characters are best for any type of situation. Whether it be thrill seeking or just lending a helping hand to an old pal, these guys are jacks of every trade. They start with the most rounded stats in the game and are proficient with almost every type of weapon.