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This is the weapons portion of the site. Here is where you will browse the basic level weapons we have that your profession may use and buy them in the shops in the Forums.

Sword - The basic entry level sword. One handed weapon that deals 10 melee damage +1/2 your characters strength. Commonly used by fighters.

Handgun - The most basic of firearms. Most of the professions are able to use these weapons at the beginning of the game. They hold a 15 round clip and deal 5 + 1/2 of your accuracy in damage.

Dagger - The most basic of any weapon type. A small knife used to stab someone in the back with. Mainly used by thugs, this weapon deals 7 + 1/2 strength damage to opponent. for every 50 speed your character has you gain an additional attack with the dagger, to a maximum of 5 attacks. ((This does not negate the effect of weapon proficiency or mastery))

Axe - This is a weapon commonly used by warriors of a different caliber. These weapons are one handed and a lot heavier then the standard swords are. They deal 15 + 1/2 strength and require 25 strength to wield.

Two handed sword - These weapons are twice the size and twice the weight of a normal sword. Because of the size and weight difference these weapons require the use of both hands and at least the basic melee weapon proficiency to wield. The two handed sword deals 25 + 1/2 strength in damage. Requires 25 strength and basic melee weapon proficiency to use.

Staff - These weapons are commonly seen in the hands of mages. These weapons deal light melee damage and are mainly used to enhance your magical abilities. The staff deals 7 + 1/2 of your strength and adds + 5 to your magic ability. Like the dagger, the more speed you have the more attacks you will receive. For every 50 speed you have you get an additional attack with a limit to 5 additional attacks.

Gloves/Claws - These weapons are perfect for anyone who is looking for a good hand to hand fight. The preferred weapon for Martial artists, these gloves deal 5 + 1/4 strength damage unless you've been trailed in the arts. If you were trained in martial arts, you add in 1/2 your strength.

Rifle - These weapons are more powerful than the regular handguns are. They are meant for long range combat and have a small clip. The rifle holds 5 shots in it's clip but deals major damage. The damage is 15 + 1/2 of your accuracy.